Maxim Furnace


It’s a choice that can improve your family’s living environment and standard of living while eliminating the fire hazards and time consuming chore of tending a traditional indoor wood stove.

The Maxim Outdoor Wood Pellet Furnace can heat 100% of your home and hot water*. By virtually eliminating your heating costs, the Maxim can often pay for itself in the first two years of use. Over a 10 year period, a homeowner or business may save $15,000 to $75,000 or more in heating costs.

Environmental Benefits

The Maxim is beneficial for the environment because burning wood pellets or shelled corn naturally. Both are totally renewable resources and, when burned, result in no net increase in carbon dioxide which would otherwise be trapped in the earth. The burning of fossil fuels causes a net increase in carbon dioxide which is believed to be responsible for the heat-trapping greenhouse effect.

In addition to the clean-burning characteristics, burning shelled corn further benefits the environment because it is typically grown locally. The small amount of ash left over from burning shelled corn in the Maxim can even be used to fertilize garden areas.

Wood pellets are environmentally friendly not only because of clean-burning characteristics, but also because they are typically made from materials generated in saw mills of furniture manufacturing factories that were once discarded in landfills or left to rot on the forest floor.

maxim_m250Maxim M255PE

Pricing: $8,780

(-$250) 2019 Winter Sales Promotion

Furnace: $8,530

Furnance Sizing Chart
Video – Manufacturing


Door = 15.5 x 13.5
Weight = 1,310 lbs.
Water Capacity = 90 gal.
Maximum BTU = 250,000
Hopper Capacity = 11 Bushel (600 lbs.)

Remarks: Optional transfer auger and optional 48-bushel hopper available. Larger optional hopper storage availabe in various sized Poly Bins.
Notes: Plus Inbound Freight – MN to OH Two 4-foot chimney sections are standard.