Classic Edge Series


Classic Edge models are the perfect combination of value and performance, with the same quality, construction and performance as other Central Boiler models. It’s an alternative that eliminates the problems and increases the advantages of wood heat. It’s a choice that can improve your family’s living environment and standard of living while eliminating the fire hazards and time-consuming chore of tending a traditional wood stove.

The Central Boiler Classic Edge outdoor wood furnace can heat 100% of your home and hot water. By virtually eliminating your heating costs, the Classic Edge can often pay for itself in the first few years of use. Over a ten year period, a homeowner or business may save $20,000 to $100,000 or more in heating costs.

The Classic Edge is beneficial for the environment because burning wood is natural. Wood is a totally renewable resource and, when burned, results in no net increases in carbon dioxide. On the other hand, fossil fuels when burned, release carbon dioxide which would otherwise be trapped in the earth. The burning of fossil fuels causes a net increase in carbon dioxide which is believed to be responsible for the heat trapping greenhouse effect.

edge350Classic Edge 350

Pricing: $ 6,990

(-$900) 2019 Winter Sales Promotion

Furnace: $6,090


Weight = 1,661 lbs.
Water Capacity = 150 gal.
Maximum BTU – 170,000

Remarks: Plus in-bound freight – MN to OH.

edge550Classic Edge 550

Pricing: $ 8,590

(-$1,000) 2019 Winter Sales Promotion

Furnace: $7,590


Weight = 1,917 lbs.
Water Capacity = 205 gal.
Maximum BTU = 178,000

Remarks: Plus in-bound freight. MN to OH.

edge750Classic Edge 750

Pricing: $ 10,590

(-$1,100) 2019 Winter Sales Promotion

Furnace: $9,490


Weight = 2,527 lbs.
Water Capacity = 320 gal.
Maximum BTU = 240,000

Remarks: Plus in-bound freight. MN to OH.

hideaway_discHideaway Addition

Pricing: $ Call for Pricing

Gain outdoor storage space that is integrated with your Classic Edge 750 outdoor wood furnace. This compact metal addition provides up to 93 cu. ft. of storage, meaning you’ll have room for your long-handled tools, maintenance items, winter clothing and more. It even features a built-in shelf for small items. Made to perfectly match your Classic Edge 750, the Hideaway is easy to assemble and connect to your outdoor furnace.

  • Steel construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Color-coordinated to match furnace
  • Approximately 4′ x 5′ interior dimensions
  • Approximately 93 cu. ft. of space

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